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RGB Presents

Category : Behind the Lights

The small present has 42 pixels

The medium Present has 56 Pixels

The large present has 70 Pixels and 12 LED modules

RGB present in the snow
Large Medium and Small presents
10 Medium presents during assembly.
Small present almost assembled
The small present has been upgraded to have a different connection point to make it easier to connect and disconnect.

This is the bottom of the Large Present. The original design only had the bullet pixels in the middle but that wasn’t bright enough. So we added the outside LED modules to brighten up the box.

Lenovo Table

Category : Behind the Lights

The Lenovo table was built to give us a place to display Lenovo Thinkpad laptops and Thinkcentres in our retail section. 

The top has 180 pixels and the outer ring has 88 pixels.


Test sequence of the Lenovo Table


The table before all the pixels were installed. We had just decided where to place the pixels in each section
During the installation process.
All the lights are taped into place with masking tape. We used silicone to anchor them in place so they wouldn’t move


The first test with the top installed


Above is the Lenovo Table fully installed.

RGB Flag

Category : Behind the Lights

456 lights total

400Watts when all white


Video of test sequence for the flag

The flag was upgraded in 2017 to use RGB lights. Previously it had red, white and blue lights in the respective spaces. upgrading to RGB gave us a lot more options when doing show sequences.

Back of the flag with the lights all white on the other side.
The flag during the process of changing out the bulbs

Prepping an Ethernet Cable for use with light elements

Category : Behind the Lights

First: Strip the outer coating of the wire
Separate the wires


Twist the wires together. Matching green/white, orange/white, and orange for power. Brown, brown/white, and green for ground. Blue and blue/white for data

Behind the lights

Category : Behind the Lights

Here’s a look at some of the work it takes to build the light show.
Assembly line of 9 medium presents after the first one had been assembled



This is the original design of the strips for the new ribbon tree.


We unscrewed the bulb and put it through the plastic strip and then we screwed the bulb back on. We did this 2,400 times.









Here are the strips laid out before they were hung on the pole.


Here is the soldering station that was set up for soldering on the connection points for the new tree’s ribbons.


Testing a string of lights before we install them into an element.


Christmas 2017 Complications

Category : 2017 Complications

All the changes that we made to the Christmas 2017 show came a handful of problems. First was the shipping delay with our lights. We ordered all of the lights for our new RGB bulb tree and they were late. Once they were all installed and outside the waterproof bulbs tuned out to have a factory default that caused them to not be so waterproof. 20 strings burnt up or had malfunctions because of water leaks after the first rain.

The is the tree after it rained. Once the bulbs were full of water the lights did not operate properly. The lights in this picture are supposed to all be blue
Light bulb removed from a string after water build up caused the electronics inside to overheat and melt the plastic.
Water inside the bulb causing the electronics to burn.

Two of the Snowflakes on top of the building were flashing pink and sometimes random colors because of a power issue. but because of the consistent rain, we couldn’t get up there to fix it as fast as we would have liked. 

The bad batch of non-waterproof bulbs also affected our 7 trees. we had to redo them once the new batch came in. Once they were redone a storm blew the tops of the trees sideways, breaking them. Next year we’ll have all new trees again. 

Close up on the break in the trees.
Strong Winds knocked some of the Stars and snowflakes off the roof despite being held down by roof clips.
This 5-in-1 star is only being held up by the data cable.


Strong Winds mixed with snow broke the top parts of the trees.



Christmas 2017

Category : 2017 Christmas

This year we made some big changes to the show and added a lot of new light elements.

We added:

2 Large presents, 2 small presents, and 10 medium presents. 

7 stars and 9 snowflakes to the roof of the building.

Christmas bells

2 Squigle line Trees

A Stocking

A Light Bulb with a face


and 2 new Matrices


We also replaced our 7 Christmas trees and added new lights

The big Christmas tree was redone with RGB bulbs instead of the RGB strips 

We also did a software migration and had to reprogram all of our songs for the new xLights software.



$2141.18 raised for the Children’s Diaper Bank this year!

Category : 2017 Charity


Franktronics is very please to announce that we raised $2141.18 for the Children’s Diaper Bank this year. I would like to thank everyone that came by the Franktronics Christmas lightshow and donated!