Category : 2018 Behind the Lights

  60 Luminaries total

15 groups of 4

120 solder points

1,320 wires stripped

960 wires soldered

540 Modules


The luminaries come flat and must be assembled.

This is the base for the luminaries. The pixel base will be installed into this base.



The Luminaries have a translucent cover that is assembled with cable ties.

The Luminaries have 9 modules inside each one.

9 Modules are attached to a plastic base.
These plastic bases have been modified for use with the modules. They are originally intended for bullet pixels.
For each connection point, we have to make sure that the data is going in the correct direction. The modules have an arrow to help us connect them correctly.
Each connection is being soldered. the first step is separating the wires.




Then the wires are stripped and tinned with solder.
Strip the Ethernet cable and prepare to solder it to the luminary


These are the custom built power injectors used every 8 luminaries to ensure that the luminaries have enough power.

This is the wiring configuration on the power supply for the luminaries.

Testing Luminaries