Charity Information

Each year Franktronics chooses a local charity for which all proceeds of the light show are contributed.

Here is a list of our past charities and the amount raised:

  • 2018 Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic $2734.16
  • 2017 Spay and Neuter Clinic $1480.17
  • 2016 Children’s Diaper Bank $2141.18
  • 2015 Bread for Life Community $1502.41
  • 2014 Giving Garden Foundation $1200.00
  • 2013 The Samaritan Group $854.33
  • 2012 Habitat for Humanity
  • 2011 Laurel Shelter $732.00

If you represent a charity and would like to be considered, please fill out the form below.

Please consider the following attributes that Frank looks for in a charity:

  • Primarily provides services/support to Gloucester County and Mathews
  • Administrative costs are very low
  • Updated Tax Form 990.
  • Infrastructure in place to help advertise the light show.