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Christmas 2017 Complications

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All the changes that we made to the Christmas 2017 show came a handful of problems. First was the shipping delay with our lights. We ordered all of the lights for our new RGB bulb tree and they were late. Once they were all installed and outside the waterproof bulbs tuned out to have a factory default that caused them to not be so waterproof. 20 strings burnt up or had malfunctions because of water leaks after the first rain.

The is the tree after it rained. Once the bulbs were full of water the lights did not operate properly. The lights in this picture are supposed to all be blue
Light bulb removed from a string after water build up caused the electronics inside to overheat and melt the plastic.
Water inside the bulb causing the electronics to burn.

Two of the Snowflakes on top of the building were flashing pink and sometimes random colors because of a power issue. but because of the consistent rain, we couldn’t get up there to fix it as fast as we would have liked. 

The bad batch of non-waterproof bulbs also affected our 7 trees. we had to redo them once the new batch came in. Once they were redone a storm blew the tops of the trees sideways, breaking them. Next year we’ll have all new trees again. 

Close up on the break in the trees.
Strong Winds knocked some of the Stars and snowflakes off the roof despite being held down by roof clips.
This 5-in-1 star is only being held up by the data cable.


Strong Winds mixed with snow broke the top parts of the trees.