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Donations exceeded $1200 for the Giving Garden Foundataion

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IMG_6429This years donations collected during the light show exceeded just over $1200.  I really appreciate everyone coming out to see this years Christmas light show.  From review of the security cameras I’m estimating about 3000 cars and over 10,000 people visited the light show this year.  I was passing out candy canes to the viewers, whenever the weather permitted, here are some of the comments I received:

“Great light show, never seen anything like this!”

“Amazing, what a great show and right here in Gloucester.”

“Thank you for putting on this light show, I bring the kids every year.”

“The ‘Let it Go’ song was our favorite, the kids were dancing in the car.”

and my favorite

“If you see me tomorrow, don’t tell the kids that I’ve already been here.”