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Halloween light show starts tonight at Franktronics

Category : Halloween

Come by Franktronics Wednesday through Saturday night and watch the 2013 Halloween Lightshow from 6PM until midnight.  Pull into the parking lot and tune your car radio to 102.3FM, listen to the music that has been synchronized to lights with tunes likes “Time Warp” and “Thriller”.

This lightshow is free to the public. Come by Halloween night for candy and few extra suprises.

New LED trim added at Franktronics

Category : Behind the Lights

The new LED ights on the Frantronics building trims out the roofline nicely as you can see.    The LED lights are low voltage (12 volts) and are RGB (red, green & blue).  Right now it’s programmed to be blue (the Franktronics logo color), but watch out for the holiday’s, these lights can be any color.  Also the lights are devided up into 705 segements or pixels. Each pixes can be set for it’s own color or intensity.